We get a real buzz from working with mother nature and friendly human helpers to grow tasty tomatoes for you to enjoy. We are busy wee bees, buzzing freely pollinating flowers for our growers across the New Zealand countryside.
“I grasp the stamens of the tomato flower with my mouth and I shake and buzz the flower using all of my flight muscles. That’s the first step to tasty Beekist® tomatoes.”
“When I shake, the pollen falls out through the pores of my anthers, onto my legs and I take this back to our queen at the bumble bee hive.”
“Within hours of visiting the tomato flower, the stamen starts to turn brown. This tells my human growers I have buzzed the tomato flower. Within 45-55 days, beautifully ripe Beekist® tomatoes will be ready for picking.”
“In my hive, there are about 80 Beekist® bumble bees just like me. And there can be over 6,000 Beekist® bumble bees in our glasshouses busily weaving from vine to vine happily buzzing the best tomatoes for Kiwi homes.”

Our Beekist range are packaged to retain their fresh taste and quality, using materials that can be recycled and re-used, such as cardboard, recycled PET (rPET) and soft plastic.

We capture rain on our roof and utilise a water recycling system
An irrigation system waters our tomato plants directly into their growing base

We’re buzzing about our delicious range of tomatoes

Bite-sized beauties. A New Zealand favourite that is incredibly sweet and bursting with flavour.

These bite-sized sweet delights are bursting with flavour and natural sweetness.

The array of textures, bright colours and sweet flavours of Tasty Mix™.

The combination of our best work yet. A range of flavours, rich in vitamin C, for you to experience.

Best Thing For (and Since) Sliced Bread – Say Goodbye to Soggy Sandwiches. Vine ripened, deep red colour with a solid meaty center and less water, resulting in uniform slicing and dicing. No more soggy sandwiches, also great for burgers or wraps.

The array of textures, bright colours and sweet Melody of flavours.
Tomatoes are best stored at room temperature
Every day, lots of happy bumble bees like me buzz around our NZ-grown tomato vines doing what we do best – making sure they’re pollinated the way nature intended. Our friendly human helpers tend, nurture and gently hand-pick every single tomato with round-the-clock care and rainwater irrigation. We even discourage the not-so-good insects with old-fashioned yellow bug tape and minimal interference.
Beekist® tomatoes come in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes, but with one important thing in common – each is a natural taste sensation. Sweet or tangy. Subtle or savoury. Whether your favourites are yellow, orange, brown or traditional red, they’re grown and hand-harvested to be enjoyed at optimal flavour levels. If you’re a foodie this will get you buzzing.
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