Here at Beekist, our friendly growers are supported by another team of little helpers – in the form of humble, hard-working bumble bees.


You see, it takes something of a small miracle to handcraft the perfect flavoursome tomato. Soft rainwater. Gentle encouragement. Minimal interference. And round-the-clock care.


Our friendly bees fly freely between all our specially selected vine varieties, gently visiting each flower to ensure pollination just the way nature intended.


The result is a taste sensation that everyday foodies with a fascination for flavour love – just hours after they’re hand-picked from the vine.

Add a splash of colour to your next culinary creation with Beekist Y.E.L.O.™ Midsized and flavoursome, with plenty of Vitamin C and low levels of acidity, these bright yellow tomatoes are packed on the vine to provide a delicious sweet flavour to your meal.
Mother Nature was having a very good day when she created Beekist Angel. Beautiful to look at, divine to taste, they’re heavenly in every sense.
Bite-sized, with an array of different flavours and texture; Beekist Tasty Mix are perfect for adding colour to any culinary occasion, or eating on their own as a sweet, healthy snack.
Rich red in colour, and packed full of flavour, Beekist Red Delight tomatoes are hand-picked and packed still on the vine, continuing to add nutrients and flavour to the tomatoes on their journey from our greenhouse to your home.
Beekist Heritage tomatoes have that timeless, traditional home-grown flavour; just like Grandad used to grow. Take a stroll down memory lane.





Remember the days when food was…food? Natural colours. Bursting with flavour. And a real sensory treat. Well, those days are still with us here at Beekist. We use lots and lots of good-natured bumble bees to pollinate every single vine. Supported by round-the-clock care, rainwater irrigation, and a gentle human touch every single day. We even discourage the not-so-good insects with old-fashioned yellow bug tape and minimal interference.



Beekist tomatoes come in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes, but with one important thing in common – each is a natural taste sensation. Sweet or tangy. Subtle or savoury. Wether your favourites are yellow, orange, brown or traditional red, they’re grown and hand-harvested to be enjoyed at optimal flavour levels. Perfect for everyday foodies who want to taste a tomato the way nature intended.
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